How to use bamboo lighting to decor home

There is a collection of the rent bamboo lighting. Where people use it for lighting and decor purpose. The bamboo is no longer a low price materials where results into low price, it can be a deluxe feel too after the design from the designer. In those sample, the designer modify the bamboo and the factory realize it to be the effectt that the designer want.
In that website, the design of the bamboo focus at the Asian style especially the Japan feel where Japan is one of the market from Asia consume a lot of bamboo annually. And bamboo is a sort of art there. Where the old solider from Japan use also bamboo as the training weapon. People use the bamboo are no just for the environmental, decor and lighting purpose. It’s also a style of culture likely we wear the clothes from different countries where we are wearing their cultures.

An important hidden function of bamboo in the world

Panda is the national animal from China where kill a person may not die, if kill an panda surely get die, and it will get punishment from the solider secure the panda hardly. Since the panda represent of peace and the most deluxe gift from the government giving for the other countries. In the history of China, Panda is the first animal enter USA and make many American people establish the image about China likely such lovely panda. And the main food of panda is bamboo. They eat the quality bamboo everyday, and such bamboo can only come from a province in China called Si Chuan.

In that province, the bamboo is a protecting resources where not allow people to enter and cut any. The government build the good recycle system for the growing of the  bamboo there as well as forming the system for the panda to eat the bamboo there too. Any time when we talk about bamboo, we would miss such important function of bamboo where China government use a lot of effort to feed the bamboo, then, for the panda.


More environmental in our life

The using of bamboo to build a house is no longer the works from the small village or small races, the city people also use it for building their house. In Hong KOng, such way of building are commonly use in the construction  site, the workers use bamboo to make the frame and move in the frame for doing any outter works of the building. In the other country, people also use it for their functional house. It’s a cheap option for any temporary functional house such as stage, auction cente, carnival or any ceremony. Poeple use it for a house can consider as a  sort of demo of using bamboo to meet the goal of the above purpose.

Else of it, bamboo are also commonly using in our life, it’s also in the office, we did ever see the bamboo casing PC from Asus, and now, even the mouse and keyboard are coming with bamboo made. And our brife case are also the bamboo made too. It’s a signal that bamboo get more and more popular of ntering more field of our life, in that product, it’s the entering of the office.

Save more than 50% wood made furnitures cost to get the same effect

Small wisdom always being surprise in the life. It can share from some of the bamboo user to use bamboo constructing the decor for their home. It’s not just the utilities likely filter, it can also be the window frame, or the wall decor too. They are simple, low cost, and when decor with other furnitures, it beings the new effect and new using experience.

Bamboo can also use on making the big furniture such as sofa. Since it’s hard and strong. In Asia, people always make it as the wood alternative. They use the bamboo to make the frame and the base too. Some of them add the cutton made clothes to decor again. Then, it’s a sofa. In the South East Asia, it’s even part of the culture of using the bamboo. Poeple also use the bamboo to make the wild hotel for the people love to live in the foreast with security accomondation.

Building of the house with bamboo

Bamboo are usually for building the niche shelter such as stage, frame, entertainment place, fun room, wild campus etc. As one of the biggest bamboo consumption country in the world, Japan, is currently coming up many new applications. In that house, it’s built with bamboo and it gets rid of the low class feeling of using the bamboo. The environmental, natural and fresh feeling are the new feeling of bamboo that brings to the user’s mind.

Secondly, bamboo are mainly also for the outdoor purpose likely one of the photos demo. In Asia, it helps to reduce the cost of the building or outdoor building service.That idea inspire from a Japanese designer to use bamboo for the frame of a house instead of playing mainly for the frame of building.

In the architect history, there are many revolution of the building materials, brick, soil, cement, metal, wood, grass etc. Bamboo were only for decor alike purpose only. And now, we use bamboo to build the house and many other materials too. such as plastic, clothes, nylon etc. Surely bamboo is only a starting helping to re-shape the building creation.  

More and more creativity from bamboo

From 2008, we start to collect the bamboo application to our blog, on 2009, much more bamboo application is boomed. We never stop of exciting of seeing more and more bamboo applications where brings the world more fun, environmental and new using experience. Most of the materials got dropped of the sales volume such as plastic, wood and the similar rarely resources. Bamboo is conversely marked its increasing from the past year.

It grows up fast, people use bamboo with no guilty feeling of killing the environment. The designer makes more nice outlook on it. It’s no longer use it indoor, also the outdoor with big creativity. Due to the high acceptance, bamboo enter also the office and high class products too.

The bamboo business is under the way of changing from a niche product to be a board acceptance products.

How the China interior designer use environmental materials to decor a home

There are many China interior design elements full of environmental factors, it does not mean that they do not care the appearance of using the natural materials, it uses the different way to show the environmental elements. For example, the curtain, garden decor, home decor, small furniture etc. From the following photos, they are the photo demo the application of the China style using the environmental elements in the home.
Even in the 5 stars resort beach, people use the similar ways to decor the hotel room for the guest. The another point we can see is the application of bamboo from China. Which is a very important element in China, it represents the civilization in China of using bamboo. There are more than thousand years from China using bamboo in the home for decor, utilities, tools, furnitures, food, cooking fuel etc. People from China love bamboo likely the European people love wood.

kitchen: a place for the family ceremony

Kitchen is the core of a family, it’s even more important than the dinning room. Because it’s the place for the family to share their day time affairs. Most of the family from Asia get a problem of using the dinning time to watch the TV, which harms the family a lot. People complaint no time for family communication, do not know the children’s performance etc. And the problem is happened in the kitchen.
If we do not eat in the dinning room, if we do not watch the TV, and we use the kitchen for the cook and eating the breadfast and dinner there together, which is a big family ceremony. It gives the power to all family members. Part of the awed family use even the good utilities to enjoying each meals in the kitchen. For example, the photo demo are for the sushi food where uses the good utilities to let all people enjoy a meal.

excellent experience of using bamboo dinning utilities

An deluxe set of the fork and knife can allow each people and the family  member enjoy a dinner a lot. It’s even about the experience from the quality of life. In the dinning table, the food, dish, bowl, utilities are always endless talking topics. Silver folk and knife are no longer the expectation of the young generation. They need something unique, special, art, full of feeling products.

The photos show in that articles are the utilities made with bamboo and craft with good feeling outlook. Think about how our grand mother love us if we appreciate their food, their preparation for the food and every utilities clean for us before the dinner. In the young generation, it’s about bringing the new using experience, people can taste more feeling from their mind. It’s likely when we were still a boy and girl, we liked to touch the different stuffs with our hand. Now, we like to sense the new experience from our mind.

Bamboo, the materials for Gucci

There is a series of the bag from Gucci using bamboo as part of the materials for their bag, and the price is sell at more than USD100, some of them is even more than USD200. It means the the bamboo is no longer being considered as low value. After the re-assembling of Gucci, it’s part of the metal and plastic alternatives. It brings also one more topic to the user where use the environmental materials for the bag. And it perform the better hand feeling than the plastic and metal.
Since in the recent years, the users new experience is an important selling point for selling the relative higher price. Bamboo is one of the materials that are not get maximized of its potential. From our blog, your can see much more applications of the bamboo where amaze people how great of the bamboo.